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Cheap Trading

If you can’t afford to trade Apple, Amazon and Auto Zone, let alone the rest of the alphabet, it may be time to learn how to trade stocks that are just as volatile whose options cost pennies on the dollar compared to the high flyers

More and more stocks are adding $1 strike prices, so you need to learn how to incorporate these into your evaluation process. In this free online class, veteran BetterTrades trading education coach Doug Sutton can introduce you to the concept of stocks with $1 strike prices.

Stocks with $1 strike prices may be more affordable than others, which has the potential to be a valuable revelation for those with smaller trading accounts. And the good news is that these less-expensive opportunities have the potential to move just like the market's big-ticket high fliers.

Register now for this free introductory class and allow Doug Sutton to open your eyes to these $1 wonders.

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