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Quality Control

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Quality Control

Most companies, regardless of the goods or service they provide, put a lot of effort into quality control. You should take the same precaution when it comes to trading the market.

Quality control enables businesses to ensure that their products and services meet their high standards. Learning to hold your trading to a higher level is important, too. That’s why you should learn to conduct quality control checks in your trade analysis.

BetterTrades trading education coach Wade Sutton wants to assist you in the process of learning how to ensure quality control in your trading. In this free online class, he will show how this affects a variety of market strategies such as:

  • Bullish strategies: When the market is trending up, the strategies most commonly used include buying calls, writing covered calls, a bull put credit spread, a bull call debit spread, selling naked puts, and using call backspreads on volatile stocks 
  • Bearish strategies: When the market is trending downward, the strategies most commonly used include buying puts, a bear put debit spread, a bear call credit spread, and selling naked calls 
  • Neutral strategies: When the market is going nowhere, the non-directional strategies most commonly used are long and short straddles, long and short strangles, butterflies, condors, ratio spreads and calendar spreads.

By understanding the advantages and limitations of bullish, bearish and neutral strategy, you will have the potential to better anticipate which risk management steps to take and learn to build a successful trading plan. This class is designed to help you learn how it's possible to mitigate your stock market misses and allow you to stay in the game.

Register now for this FREE online class and learn to take your trading to the next level of success.


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