BetterTrades Wealth Preservation Kit

Wealth Preservation Kit

Whether you’re a stock market trader, a sole proprietor, real estate investor, small-business owner or a landlord, you have invested hours of time and effort into your endeavor. You’ve seen it grow from an idea, like a seedling in the forest, and have watched it grow and mature. So the idea of having an interloper come in and steal it away from you is appalling.
It's possible. It happens every day. To people who aren’t prepared… who aren’t legally protected.
If a kid on a skateboard falls and breaks his arm on your property, you could be liable for damages. You could possibly lose your business, your home and your personal savings … if you aren’t properly structured. Imagine the horror of losing it all because you didn’t take the time to seek protection in advance.
YES, it does take a little effort to get legally protected.
YES, it does require you to spend a little money for this protection.

But are you willing to gamble your life’s work for a few hours of time and a little money?

Remember how proud you were when you made that first successful trade or opened that first office or flipped that first house or purchased your first rental property?
Remember how happy it made you to see your dreams come to life?

Then imagine what a horrible feeling it would be to hand over the keys to someone else to pay for damages from a lawsuit – especially when it wasn’t necessary!
It is ESSENTIAL in our society to learn to shield your assets by being legally protected. You can’t afford to take shortcuts in this matter.

Want to learn more about legal protection? You need the
Wealth Preservation Kit

Wealth Preservation Kit

The Wealth Preservation Kit includes all the information, explanation and documentation you need to become legally protected. The Wealth Preservation Kit provides all the legal forms and registration material you need to keep your trading or other entity secure and working for you. It will also help take you through the process for resolving tax and estate issues relevant to stock traders, entrepreneurs, small business owners and sole proprietors.

The Wealth Preservation Kit is designed to teach you ways to …

- Protect your assets - Take full advantage of tax laws - Eliminate probate from estates

In the Wealth Preservation Kit, you will receive the following tools and information:

Students who purchase the Wealth Preservation Kit also receive TWO tickets to attend the ASSET PROTECTION ACADEMY a two-day live event taught by experienced lawyers.

You’ll be able to discuss your specific needs with a lawyer trained in structuring businesses. At the Asset Protection Academy, you will get an overview of asset protection, including how to:

• Set up your business structure for wealth preservation
• Set up and operate a Corporation
• Submit the forms to start and operate a Corporation
• Set up and operate a Limited Liability Company
• Submit forms for a Limited Liability Company
• Set up and operate a Limited Partnership
• Submit forms for a Limited Partnership
• Submit forms for Estate Planning

The information provided at this live event are an excellent complement to the Wealth Preservation Kit.
This event was designed by traders to inform other traders on how to preserve as much of their potential trading profits as possible.
The Asset Protection Academy is only available to students who purchase the WEALTH PRESERVATION KIT.

Wealth Preservation Kit


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