You want all the education!
You want all the tools!
You want to be fully equipped and ready when you
open that trading account and get ready to step into the
arena of the stock market!

That’s why we created

The Big Package is filled with the hands-on instruction and the trading tools and equipment you need. It contains some potentially life-changing material. And learning how to use the education may possibly alter your future by offering you a better-educated approach to using the stock market.

Here’s what you get with the BIG PACKAGE...

Admission to the Two-Day Trader’s Camp: You’ll spend two days with one of the most experienced trading educators in the country. This exciting new class will take place in our brand new TRADING ROOM at the Atlanta office.
You’ll step inside this special room, complete with stock tickers, and feel like a trader!

  A ONE YEAR subscription to The Dedicated Trader, the ONE-STOP source of education, information and news.
  A ONE YEAR subscription to eSignal, which provides direct access to the stock market floor for the most up-to-date intraday charts and fastest order fills.
  The Wealth Preservation Kit, a tool that includes all the legal forms and registration material needed to keep your trading entity secure and working for you.
This also includes TWO TICKETS to the Asset Protection Academy, a two-day live event taught by attorneys who are trained to teach you how to be legally structured and protected.
  Admission to the Next Step program, a two-day live classroom that will teach you the information designed to help you push your trading education to the next level. With Next Step you’ll reinforce what you learned about strategies and techniques and discover how to put them to work under live market conditions.
  The Digital Recordings cover all the basic material you were taught during the two-day First Step class. But there's a chance that you didn't quite understand a subject or would like to go over the material again to clear away any confusion. The recordings give you a chance to view the educational material as often as you'd like.
Now you understand why we called it

With the Big Package you’ll be equipped with the tools
that give you the potential to put your trading into the next gear.
You’ll have access to the best training information from the best trading educators.
Plus you’ll be able to put all that knowledge to use while you hone your skills and develop your abilities.

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