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Financial Freedom Expo
Financial Freedom Expo by BetterTrades

Starting a career as a stock market trader requires preparation.

Planning a long trip isn’t as simple as throwing a few clothes in a suitcase and piling in the car. There are many factors to consider: Where are you going? Which direction will you take? Will you need a bathing suit or a parka when you arrive? What are you going to do once you reach your destination?

You can’t just open an online account, begin buying and selling stocks, and expect to be successful. You have to take a look at the landscape before taking the first step. If you aren’t properly prepared, your first step will take you to the poorhouse.

That’s the reason for the Financial Freedom Expo.

This is a free, on location, two-hour class that will introduce you to the trading concepts taught by BetterTrades. One of our experienced trading coaches will come to your area and show you how the stock market works. You’ll see how it’s possible to make a profit and be better equipped to pay the bills each month whether the market is going up or going down. In this class you will learn:

  • Stock market basics.
  • How it's possible to make money if the stock market is going up or going down.
  • That you have the potential to control your financial destiny.

And the best part: You don’t need a financial degree to be successful. You don’t need to be a math whiz, either. This program can work for people from all walks of life. BetterTrades classes, tools and products can help you learn the skills and strategies that are a launching pad for achieving financial security, controlling your own financial destiny and enjoying peace of mind.

Attending a Financial Freedom Expo will show you the potential that exists to profit in the stock market. Don’t wait to get started. Register NOW to attend this class and start on your path to financial freedom!

Financial Freedom Expo by BetterTrades

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