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Forecasting Price Moves with Fibonacci

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Forecasting Price Moves with Fibonacci

The Fibonacci sequence of numbers can explain a great deal about the growth structure of everyday living things (such as the patterns on a grain of wheat, a beehive, or a pinecone). But did you know it can help you figure out your trading?

BetterTrades coach Rob Roy has been working with Fibonacci lines as technical indicators since 1998. After much encouragement from BetterTrades students, he created this Fibonacci class to introduce others to his favorite indictator.

In this free online class, you'll learn:

  • How Fibonacci lines can help predict stock retracement
  • The basic concept behind creating highly accurate support and resistance levels - based on Fibonacci, of course!
  • The strategies that Fibonacci can be used with

Fibonacci as an indicator can potentially work in every single market - no wonder it's Rob's favorite indicator! If you've ever wondered what that confusing array of lines on the graph mean, take advantage of this free class to get familiar with Fibonacci as an indicator. Fibonacci may possibly be that extra edge you need to get you above and beyond where other traders are.

Classes are FREE to registered users. The techniques taught in these classes can help you learn the skills to make better trades! You can watch a recorded version of this class NOW or select a scheduled time to participate in a live, online version of the class.

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