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Learning to read intraday charts can be overwhelming to many traders. BetterTrades coach Markay Latimer has the experience to teach students how to use intraday charts to make smarter decisions.

In this free online class, Markay will show you how using intraday charts can be helpful when it comes time to enter and exit trades. In this class, you'll learn the possibilities of setting up and analyzing trades by using intraday charts.

In this class you will learn:

How intraday charts may improve timing
The possible value of intraday trends, support and resistance levels
How to find candidates that may be worth consideration

Markay's methods have the potential to work on swing trades (1-5 days) and trend trades (2-4 weeks). Learn how intraday trading can be used on a regular basis.

Classes are FREE to registered users. The techniques taught in these classes are designed to teach you the skills to make better trades. You can select a scheduled time to participate in a live, online version of the class.