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eSignal Features

eSignal is comprehensive trading software that offers advanced charting tools, technical analysis studies and back testing, streaming quotes from 100s of exchanges and indices worldwide and for all the asset classes — stocks, futures, Forex, options and ETFs. eSignal combines these decision-support tools and award-winning data with trading integration that connects users to brokers for online trading — all from a single, customizable platform.


A powerful and comprehensive stock screening tool with new scanning technology that allows you to scan global exchanges for real time trading opportunities that fit the criteria you choose for almost infinite scan combinations.

Once you’ve gotten your results, you can further refine your list by volume and price, export them into watchlists, and chart them.


eSignal's advanced charting is designed to meet the needs of active traders and investors.

A variety of chart types, chart intervals (intraday and historical), technical studies, drawing tools, alerts and trading integration functionality offer a high degree of customization. And now, Performance Charts allow you to easily compare the relative strength of multiple symbols.


Because eSignal is broker independent, providing flexibility and choice through our partnerships with respected online brokers and trade execution platform providers, you get our award-winning market data and technical analysis tools coupled with the trade execution platform

You can practice trade or integrate a funded account with over 50 different brokers.

Save THOUSANDS of dollars in commissions
compared to the average broker*

Make just one options trade per week and save more than the yearly cost of eSignal!

Making a one-leg, one contract options trade

# of Trades
Per Week
Tradier Round Trip
Average Round Trip
Annual Savings
1 $10.00 $22.22 $635.44
2 $20.00 $44.44 $1,270.88
3 $30.00 $66.66 $1,906.32
4 $40.00 $88.88 $2,541.76
5 $50.00 $111.10 $3,177.20
6 $60.00 $133.32 $3,812.64
7 $70.00 $155.54 $4,448.08
8 $80.00 $177.76 $5,083.52
9 $90.00 $199.98 $5,718.96
10 $100.00 $222.20 $6,354.40

*as of 3/30/15. We compared 4 brokers - 1) TrackData: $10 minimum at $1 per  contract. 2) TD Ameritrade and eTrade: $9.99 rate + $0.75 per contract. 3) OptionsXpress: $12.95 minimum at $1.25 per contract. Average for a single contract round trip (entry and exit) options trade between these 4 brokers came to $22.215 (rounded up to $22.22). Tradier is $0.35 per contract, $5 minimum for single leg, $7 minimum for multi leg and was not included in the average.

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Our Broker Partners

While BetterTrades does not recommend any one brokerage over another, this section lists brokerages that provide additional benefits to BetterTrades students, such as lower commissions, exchange fee compensation, and other similar benefits for listing your referring party as BetterTrades.

  • $3.49 per equity trade and $0.35 per options contract
  • $100 in Free Commissions
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  • Reduced Minimum Account Balance of $2000
  • Reduced Exchange Fees for CME, CBOT, NYMEX and COMEX, saving hundreds a month
  • $1 off their list price of $5.52 on CME E-mini stock index futures
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*Exchange fees are separate and cannot be refunded*
If exchange fees are increased, the subscriber is responsible for the additional amount. BetterTrades does not control the price of the exchange fees.

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