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about the two day trader's camp

You’ve been to class and spent a couple of days learning about the stock market.
You’ve learned how to set up and enter trades, as well as how to get out of them. You know the difference between a stock and rock.
You already know more than 90 percent of the American public! BUT ARE YOU READY TO DO IT?

Are you ready to make your way to the trading floor and confidently place your trade?
Or do you need to ramp up your confidence just a little more before you decide to go head-to-head with the market maker?
Don’t worry if you feel a little tentative about jumping in the market. After all, you’ll be putting your hard-earned money on the line, so you certainly have the right to feel that uncertainty the first few times you start to trade. Everyone who has ever entered a position has felt the same thing.
In fact, if they are honest, most veterans of the stock market will admit that they still get a few butterflies when they make a trade – even though they’ve done it dozens, or even hundreds of times.

This exciting new class will take place in our brand new TRADING ROOM at the Atlanta office.
You’ll step inside this ste-of-the-art trading special room, complete with stock tickers and Hi-Def TVs streaming the latest news, and you will feel like a Wall Street trader!

Two Day Traders Camp - BetterTrades

Each desk is equipped with three monitors so you can watch multiple positions at once. Each computer is loaded with the tools you’ll use to help you progress as a trader.

Here’s what will happen during these exciting two days in Atlanta.
• You’ll spend two days with one of the most experienced trading educators in the country.
(Our instructors have taught thousands of students how to trade the market.)
• You’ll learn how to use the cutting-edge trading tools from BetterTrades under real market conditions.  That means ….
- Learning to spot potentially tradable patterns by looking for them with Extreme Charts
- Learning how to see the intraday moves as they occur tick-for-tick with eSignal
- Learning how to find important data and information – as well as potential candidates to analyze – through The Dedicated Trader • You’ll learn how to set up a trade, enter the position, establish exits, look for support and resistance lines, pick the most appropriate option… all under live conditions!

And it all happens in REAL time …
under REAL market conditions …
just like it will when you’re trading with REAL money.

Only this time it’s with non-funded – call them paper trades –
that allow you to make mistakes and not feel the pinch in your pocketbook.

• Think how much you’ll benefit from having two days of training with our experienced coaching staff!

• Think of the extra boost of confidence you’ll get by spending real time in the market.

• If you’re like most people, you’ll be less intimidated when you get started for real.

The TWO-DAY TRADER'S CAMP is absolutely PERFECT for people who:


But if you’re content to sit on the sidelines and not hone your skills, it’s probably better that you stay home.

In addition to TWO GREAT DAYS of training in the new BetterTrades TRADING ROOM, you’ll also receive a ONE-MONTH subscription to each of the great trading tools.
(Bonus: If you already own the trading tools, we’ll just add an additional month to your existing subscription.)

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In the 2-Day Traders Camp, Rob Roy and Michael Cook will teach you strategies and lots of other helpful information that will greatly enhance your trading. However, for me this class was all about mastering the “tools of the trade”. Whether you aspire to become a blacksmith, accountant, attorney, or a golf pro… you can only allow yourself the opportunity to reach your greatest potential after mastering the tools of the trade. It’s difficult to know where to begin using the tools when you are not sure what the tools are capable of. Rob and Michael will not only show you how to use the tools for trading options, but they will explain what the tools are capable of. They will also show you how to add a comprehensive multi-tool approach to trading. Collectively the tools will assist you in achieving far greater results than any one of them alone. Example: Researching Dedicated Trader for candidates, gaining confirmation by referring to the daily chart pattern in Extreme Charts and determining entrance and exit points, entering a contingent order and inserting a stop using Real Time Markets, and using a meaningful record keeping process... and still have time leftover to spend at your favorite fishing hole.
BetterTrades Student - Clayton P

Earlier this year, I had the distinct pleasure of attending the first ever two day Traders Camp taught by Rob Roy at the brand new Better Trades Trading Floor in Atlanta, GA. Not only was it exciting to be part of the inaugural event in Atlanta, but it was truly invigorating to learn some valuable trade set ups and helpful pointers from a consummate professional and knowledgeable coach, Rob Roy. AS USUAL, ROB OVERDELIVERED! His tireless efforts, down to earth approach and thorough explanation of the strategies, facilitated a full understanding and application of the material taught. I was introduced to Rob Roy when I started with Better Trades 6 years ago at the first Market Essentials Seminar I attended in New York. 6 years later, I find myself constantly looking to attend as many online and on location classes as possible with Rob. Anyone looking to enhance their trading to get to the NEXT LEVEL, should attend Traders Camp since it will not only teach strategies, but also demonstrate how valuable and multifaceted Extreme Charts and Real Time Markets are to assist you with your trading needs.
BetterTrades Student - Richard A.

Hello all. Just a quick note to tell you how much I enjoyed my experience at the 2 day traders camp in Atlanta in August of this year. Just let me say that Rob Roy, Michael, and Amelia were just awesome for the 2 days. Just being able to see how to set up your 3 monitors to have everything at your finger tips for the speed an accuracy of setting up and executing your trades was beyond awesome. Tweeking your Extreme Charts and Real Time Markets to fit your needs is crutial and Michael did a fantastic job. You can take online classes and hear the instructors is good, but working with them live is beyond description to see them in their element live. I recommend this experience to everyone. Thanks Rob, Michael and Amelia and all those behind the scene that make this work so well.
BetterTrades Student - Ken H.

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Our Amazing Instructors

Robert Roy

Robert Roy

Robert calls himself a “harmonic trader,” one who teaches students how to take advantage of the current market conditions. He’s especially fond of helping students learn how to use Fibonacci lines in their technical trading analysis and showing them how to find and use covered call opportunities. Rob also enjoys teach students how to identify and analyze opportunities by using pivots points. Rob’s enthusiasm and encouragement make him one of the company’s most popular instructors.

Michael Cook

Michael Cook

Michael Cook has spent years working as an instructor and technician with BetterTrades. He's knows the twists and turns of the Extreme Charts charting program better than anyone and has put this series together in order to share his knowledge.


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