You’re one of the thousands of students who have received their
stock market education from BetterTrades. You understand the fundamentals of trading.
Now you’re ready to push the education a little farther.
That’s why BetterTrades has developed NEXT STEP.

The NEXT STEP class will build on your knowledge base and help you increase your awareness of stock market strategies and techniques. You will discover…
• Cutting-edge trading strategies for the volatile weekly options
• More about trading on expiration day, with exciting new strategies
• Information about the Greeks that may make the difference in your trading positions
• The truth about Implied Volatility and how it can KILL your trades
• Non-directional trading possibilities you never knew existed, including some AMAZING  and INNOVATIVE spread strategies.

The addition of Weekly Options has been welcomed by the trading community.
It offers the opportunity to trade options at a lower price. But they also come with a compressed time schedule, meaning you’d better know what you’re doing or you could get burned. The NEXT STEP instructors have been learning the in’s and out’s of weekly options since they were rolled out. Now they’re ready to teach you how to use these exciting options the right way. Weekly options are volatile and can be tricky, which is why you need the instruction of our experienced coaches.

In your first Market Essentials class, you were taught to stay away from trading options on Expiration Day. That advice was designed to keep you – a new and inexperienced trader – safer under turbulent conditions. But did you know that you may be able to use that same volatility to your advantage by looking for potential short-term trades that take place on expiration day! The BetterTrades staff at the NEXT STEP class will teach you valuable details about trading on expiration day that could possibly help your rate of success.

At NEXT STEP you’ll increase you education about those “Greeks” you see at the top of an options chart. You’ve already learned the basics about Delta, but at NEXT STEP you’ll discover even more eye-opening information about the use of Delta. PLUS: Learn about Gamma, Theta, Vega and Rho and how they affect an options price. All emit different signs and signals that can be extremely useful – IF YOU KNOW WHAT THEY MEAN!
  “Understanding the makeup of options and how to use them is crucial and Bill Corcoran does such a great job and shows so much patience and understanding on constantly explaining the strategies to people. He is a true educator.”
– Mark B.

“I would recommend everyone keep going in their trading education. It took me three years of staying with the Market Essentials material to get where I understand spread trading and Bill's info added so much to my base of knowledge.”
– Wendy B.
Meet our NEXT STEP coaching staff:
Bill brings a unique perspective to the BetterTrades coaching staff. A former law enforcement officer, he came to the company as a student, attended classes and learned how to us the stock market as a way to achieve his personal goals. Today his message resonates with students, who appreciate and draw encouragement from his high-energy presentations. Bill teaches a variety of strategies and techniques that can be used with short-term and longer-term positions.
Markay is one of the top teachers of technical analysis. She has taught thousands of students how to read and understand the information that is available in a stock’s price chart. Ironically, she became a believer in the importance of charting after setting out to prove they were meaningless. She wound up proving their value! Markay understands market patterns and enjoys teaching students how to identify them and recognize the trading opportunities they present.
Robert calls himself a “harmonic trader,” one who teaches students how to take advantage of the current market conditions. He’s especially fond of helping students learn how to use Fibonacci lines in their technical trading analysis and showing them how to find and use covered call opportunities. Rob also enjoys teach students how to identify and analyze opportunities by using pivots points.  Rob’s enthusiasm and encouragement make him one of the company’s most popular instructors.

Don’t be ashamed. It happens to nearly everyone.

It takes some time to wrap your brain around some of the non-directional trading strategies. But don’t brush aside this portion of your trading education. Non-directional strategies aren’t that difficult to understand and you may find them to be more comfortable than a basic directional trade. At NEXT STEP you’ll learn about spreads in ways you never considered. The experienced staff of coaches can explain spreads in an understandable manner. PLUS: You’ll be able to ask questions and get all those cobwebs cleared away.

Learning To Read A Stock’s Chart Is Extremely Important. Being Able To Chart Is A Critical Piece Of The Skills Needed To Become Proficient At Technical Analysis.


Do your charting skills need improvement? Is charting your weak point? They’d better be strong if you desire to make smart trading decisions. At NEXT STEP you’ll learn the important patterns you’ll see most frequently on a stock chart. Why waste your time learning patterns that almost never show up? That won’t happen at NEXT STEP. Our charting session is informative, practical and useful.


 “Rob Roy's style is conversational and down to earth.  His explanations are clear and to the point.  He speaks and teaches like a trader not a college professor.  I find that refreshing and easy to understand.  He takes the time to answer all questions.  I am never confused when I leave a Rob Roy seminar. “
– Glenn R.

“Markay Latimer is excellent and explains
very clearly.”

– Lois W.

But How Do You Take This Head Knowledge And Put It To Use? How About Some Application?
At NEXT STEP you’ll get a chance to learn under live market conditions. Our experienced coaching staff will show you a number of practice, non-funded trades while the stock market is open. You’ll be able to see for yourself how these strategies and techniques may work during a live market. It’s like taking batting practice from a major league pitcher! It has a realistic feel because the market is live, but there’s no risk because it’s all non-funded trades that’s done for practice. The best way to learn is to practice. Learn to practice the right way … and get the most experience.

You’ve been to the Market Essentials class. Maybe you’ve been more than once. You understand how to buy and sell stocks. You know how to read an options chain. You’ve soaked up all the basics. Now you want to push your abilities down the road.

That’s where NEXT STEP comes in.

This class offers you a chance to increase you understanding and give you more weapons when you go to take on the market. This class gives you the information and education you need to broaden your foundation. This innovative class is designed to help you evolve into a better trader.

Isn’t It About Time You Put Your Stock Skills on a Higher Plane?
Register for Next Step and see how your stock market education will grow.
You’ll be ready for whatever the New York Stock Exchange or NASDAQ can throw at you!


• You don’t know what you don’t know
• You’re already having success – BUT WANT MORE
• You’re determined to get to the next level
• You’re stuck in the same place and need a boost to get going again
• You’re ready to go beyond the basics.

NEXT STEP will be coming to your area very soon.
Here’s what you get…

• Two days of killer stock market education that will combine with your existing knowledge base and put you in at a different level.
• A chance to interact in person with one of our highly qualified coaches. Sometimes you’ll even get two great coaches for the price of one!
• Access to an all-new electronic manual that you can download and use at any time.
(You can print the whole manual and put it in a binder for reference or just print the pages you need.)