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QUESTION: Do you own a Navigational Aid?

You know, one of those GPS devices that come with your car or with your smartphone?

You just plug in the address and the navigator helps get you to your destination.
There’s no map involved and you never have to stop at a gasoline station for directions.
Navigational assistance is important in all aspects of our lives. We need the help of those with more experience to reach our destination. Whether it’s the quest to become a better professional or a better parent or a better spouse, everyone can use assistance from those who have been around the block.
That’s especially true when it comes to the stock market.


Morning Lab - Bill Corcoran - BetterTrades

The stock market can be a scary and intimidating place when you’re getting started.

(Hey, it can be a scary and intimidating place even when you’ve been around for a while!)
But it can be less scary and less intimidating if you can lean on someone who is an experienced hand. An instructor who can teach you how to steer away from the rocks can be vitally important.

Welcome to the Morning Lab, with BetterTrades trading education coach Bill Corcoran.

An experienced instructor who has taught thousands how to trade the stock market, Bill developed the Morning Lab as a way to help you be better able to navigate the stock market.

BetterTrades Coach Bill Corcoran

Bill Corcoran

Bill brings a unique perspective to the BetterTrades coaching staff. A former law enforcement officer, he came to the company as a student, attended classes and learned how to us the stock market as a way to achieve his personal goals. Today his message resonates with students, who appreciate and draw encouragement from his high-energy presentations. Bill teaches a variety of strategies and techniques that can be used with short-term and longer-term positions..

The Morning Lab meets FOUR days each week for TWO hours each day.

The Morning Lab takes place when the stock market is open, so Bill can teach you how to apply techniques and strategies under real market conditions. Examples will be given by using non-funded paper trades so you can follow along and see exactly how the strategies work.
You’ll see the big gains, as well as the losses.

As you know, the stock market can be a wild place.

The prices fluctuate throughout the trading day and this can lead to confusion and analysis paralysis. Bill Corcoran will teach you how to identify candidates that may be ready to make a move, analyze those candidates and make a decision on whether to enter the trade.
You should know this: Bill does not pick stocks for you. He is not a licensed broker. He will not give you trading advice.
Bill is there to teach YOU HOW TO DO IT!
Once you learn the right skills, you’ll be ready to fly solo. Bill is there to teach and instruct and help you get better.


There’s a quick stop for a motivational moment.
You must have a positive mindset when learning to trade the market and Bill is proud to provide an inspirational quote or thought to get the day going. There’s a pre-market prep session. Bill will look at any economic reports that have been issued and check out the futures market to see what direction things may start the day. It’s always a good idea to have a general idea of what may be coming your way.

There’s a paper trade session.
Bill will look at a variety of candidates and watch as they begin to make their moves. He will teach you to spot the patterns as they develop on the chart and will explain how stocks may be moving into a tradeable position. This is all done to get you used to seeing the market and looking for possible trades. In this part of the class, Bill will teach you how to enter the position, which option to buy or sell and how to establish the appropriate exit. It’s a great way to practice with a net.

There’s a strategy session.
Bill uses this time to teach the strategies and techniques that may be most appropriate under current market conditions. Bill teaches a lot of short-term strategies which take advantage of market volatility. Be prepared to learn fast and adapt to the market as it changes.
There’s a freestyle question and answer session. Here’s where you get the opportunity to hear your questions answered from the coach. Ask anything you like about strategy or the decision-making process and Bill will supply the answers.

Bill Corcoran's Morning Lab

The Morning Lab was created for students who are eager to get to the next level.

If you want to be better but need more guidance, this class is in your wheelhouse.
Morning Lab is created to get you accustomed to trading the stock market.
Plus, you get the benefit of having an experienced coach to guide your progress.


Morning Lab - Bill Corcoran - BetterTrades

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