Let BetterTrades Coach Robert Roy give you a little "INSIGHT" into the market!

BetterTrades Market Insights - Robert Roy

Hearing the insights from people with more experience can be quite beneficial.

If you watch the political shows on television, you can better understand what’s going on in Washington by hearing the insights of those in office and their top advisers. If you have a big event to plan, you get benefit from the insights of those who know how to pull things together for a wedding or company function. And when it comes to health, the medical professional has many doctors and nurses who can provide insights into ways to improve your quality of life.

This will work in the stock market, too.
You can derive benefits from a world-class instructor who can offer the insights that come along with years of working with students.
Those are the circumstances around Rob Roy’s Market Insights class.

Market Insights - Robert Roy - BetterTrades

Rob Roy, who has taught thousands of students how to trade the stock market, will draw upon his years of experience as an instructor to explain current market conditions and offer analysis about what could be coming down the road.

BetterTrades Coach Robert Roy

Robert Roy

Robert calls himself a “HARMONIC TRADER,” one who teaches students how to take advantage of the current market conditions. He’s especially fond of helping students learn how to use Fibonacci lines in their technical trading analysis and showing them how to find and use covered call opportunities. Rob also enjoys teach students how to identify and analyze opportunities by using pivots points.  Rob’s enthusiasm and encouragement make him one of the company’s most popular instructors.

BetterTrades Coach Robert Roy

Rob teaches students how to find and analyze predictable and repeatable patterns.
He calls his Market Insight sessions
These are video newsletters that are produced at least twice each week. Rob focuses his energy on teaching you how to identify patterns on a basket of widely watched stocks, as well as some unpolished gems that have explosive potential.

Because some students are more advanced in their training that others, Rob has created a series of educational videos that come as a bonus with the Market Insight subscription.
These are a free addition to the normal videos.
These videos are focused on educating a trader on the technical patterns and could pop up on a stock chart and how to consider trading them.

These NINE bonus videos cover such topics as:
• How to get started
• How to set up and use Fibonacci support and resistance
• How to set up and use Fibots, an exciting new tool that Rob created
• Determining and using bias
• The 4-3-2-1 Exit System
• How to set up multiple monitors and conditional orders
• How to trade the Fed announcement and use a variety of technical indicators

PLUS: Rob has included a practice trading spread sheet.
This  Excel document allows you to keep track of your practice trades and determine the exits and the potential profit the position may create.

Rob will post two Market Insight sessions each week. (These will show up on your My Account page.)
They last approximately 30 minutes and are archived for unlimited viewing for 10 days.

As an ADDED BONUS, once each week Rob will post an additional video to provide further education; it may be a new technique or ways to enhance your knowledge base. You may even come away with homework that is designed to help you learn to become a better trader.

As with most of his products and classes, Rob Roy has overdelivered again.
The Market Insights are topical, informative and fun.
Plus, they come from one of the most experienced educators on the BetterTrades staff.


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