BetterTrades First Step

Face it, the stock market is an imposing place.
You’ve seen those pictures or films of brokers crowded together and shouting prices at each other on the trading floor.
It looks hectic and crazy.It makes you wonder how business gets conducted like that.
And how you can ever get in a position where you can participate?


There are many things in life that are complicated.
Driving a car is complicated – and dangerous.
Cooking food on a hot stove can be dangerous.
Using any sort of tool can be life threatening.
But once you learn how to drive a car, operate a stove or handle a power saw, they don’t seem as intimidating or dangerous.


Yes, the stock market can be a very dangerous place.
You can lose a lot of money. And you can lose a lot of money in a hurry.
But you also have the potential to make money, too.
It all comes down to training. Once you understand the stock market and discover how to use it, you put yourself in a position to benefit from smarter, more-informed decisions. That’s where the BetterTrades First Step comes in.


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First Step is a brand new two-day program developed and designed by BetterTrades.

For example, did you know that …
• You can make money when the market is going DOWN?
• Legally sell a stock – even though you don’t even own it?
• Rent out the stock you already own in your portfolio for possible monthly profits?

It will teach you all about the stock market and explain things you never learned in high school or college.

First Step is a program that will enable you to take control of your own financial decisions.
When you have a financial whiz manage your investment money,
they get a commission check whether or not your account makes money. That’s right, you pay them whether they grow your account or watch it disintegrate!

You might agree that it makes more sense to be involved in your own financial decisions. After all, who is more interested in growing your money than you are? After all … it’s YOUR MONEY!

You have your choice on how to take the First Step:

1) Register for a 2-day live online version of the class

2) Attend an 2-day on-location version of the class

3) Get a 3-month subscription to the digital recorded version

Stop making excuses and TAKE THE FIRST STEP!

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