BetterTrades Dedicated Trader

In the retail world it’s called ONE-STOP SHOPPING.
It’s where you can go to one place to get your groceries, medications, electronics and tires.


That’s what The DEDICATED TRADER is all about.

In the world of stock market education,
The Dedicated Trader is a one-stop shop for all your stock market needs.

The Dedicated Trader gives you complete and total access to in-depth market news and analysis.
It provides your connection to the stock and options market.

A subscription to The Dedicated Trader contains amazing and varied content.
You’ll be hard-pressed to find a subject that isn’t covered within The Dedicated Trader.
From education to information, it was created to meet the needs of students who are interested in learning
to trade the stock market effectively and intelligently.


The Dedicated Trader is divided into THREE primary sections.
(You get access to all three areas with one subscription)

All three areas are vitally important when it comes to learning how to trade the stock market.
With The Dedicated Trader you have access to the education that teaches you how to trade…


The Education Center can enhance your understanding of investing in the stock market, starting with tutorials on stock and options trading.

There’s a heavy focus on options trading here and you’ll be able to learn …
Bullish strategies, such as long calls, covered calls and bull put spreads, Neutral strategies, such as long and short straddles, long and short strangles, condors and ratio spreads Bearish strategies, such as long puts and bear call spreads.

The Education center also provides an introduction to technical analysis, one of the most commonly used methods to look at the possible direction and movement of a stock.

You’ll have access to a primer on support and resistance and why those two areas are vitally important. You’ll get a top-notch introduction to candlestick charting, a foundational piece of the analytical puzzle.


The market research center that enables you to analyze companies… and the data that helps you determine whether or not the stock is a viable candidate to trade.
You can’t do without any of those three aspects of trading. That’s why you can’t be without The Dedicated Trader.

The Market Center gives you access to important data that can be critical in helping you make the right decisions.
The Market Center comes with…

• Company research, which provides detailed profiles of companies, including key financial ratios and the date of past and future earnings announcements. Here’s a chance to see the information for more than 8,000 securities, all in one spot.

• A calendar that keeps you posted about impending economic reports that are capable of tilting the market. From unemployment to homebuilding to inflation, you’ll never wake up and be surprised again.

• An earnings center that breaks the information down by date and by company and includes the Greek option values that many traders crave. You’ll even see what the analysts have to say about a company’s earnings and which ones have been upgraded or downgraded by financial analysts.


The Trading Center takes all that knowledge and puts it to work. This is one of the most popular areas of The Dedicated Trader because it helps students in the process of assembling a watch list.

These Daily Strategy Watchlists highlights potential option positions that are on the radar of the research team. It’s a great way to practice non-funded trades and learn new strategies. There’s a watchlist for options, covered calls, put selling and credit spreads.

But that’s not all. There’s access to key level stocks, the result of searching more than 2,000 optionable securities to find potential candidates that have reached an important technical level. Perhaps it’s a big volume move or stocks that are channeling or stocks at support or resistance. If there’s a morning star or evening star pattern being formed, you’ll know about.

And once you have identified the company you want to trade, the Trade Finder feature allows you to see if that position follows the criteria you were taught by BetterTrades. Just enter the ticker symbol and you’ll learn instantly whether the stock is in the danger zone.

If that’s not enough, The Dedicated Trader also features an investment dictionary,
a glossary of more than 3,000 terms available to give you a concise explanation.

We could go on and on... but you get the idea.

It’s there to make you smarter … fill in the gaps in your education …
and help you make smarter and better-informed decisions in the stock market.

With a subscription to The Dedicated Trader,
you have the potential to greatly improve you abilities.



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  • Market News
  • Company Research
  • Calendars
  • Buying Options Watchlist
  • Candlestick Patterns Watchlist
  • Volume Breakouts Watchlist
$2,995 MSRP per Year
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  • All of the Basic and Pro features, plus...
  • TradeFinders
  • Option Charting
  • Credit Spread Watchlist
  • Put Selling Watchlist
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