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Company History

History of BetterTrades®

In 1998, Freddie and Mitzi Rick founded Long Term – Short Term, Inc. with the idea of providing investing and finance education. However, their concept differed greatly from other companies. They wanted to prove that learning how to trade the market was a skill that could be acquired by anyone given a proper plan. Even more important, they wanted others to understand that learning how to take control of their personal finances and investments was the best way to go.

Freddie and Mitzi began teaching friends and acquaintances about finances and trading as a “love offering” in various churches. Their trading classes were so popular that in 2002, Freddie began to build and expand his class schedule under the name BetterTrades® (still incorporated as Long Term – Short Term, Inc.). The Market Essentials™ program taught today is based on the same one that Freddie developed himself through his experiences trading the market.

As BetterTrades flourished, more coaches were needed to teach the growing student base. Currently, BetterTrades has a full staff of coaches who crisscross the globe, introducing students to the financial markets in a clear and non-intimidating manner. BetterTrades has offices in Las Vegas, Nevada; Atlanta, Georgia; and Davin, West Virginia.

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