Company History

History of BetterTrades®

In 1998, Long Term – Short Term Inc. was founded with the idea of providing investing and financial education. The concept was different than most other companies. Founders Freddie and Mitzi Rick wanted to prove that learning how to trade the market was a skill that could be acquired by anyone given the proper plan. They wanted others to learn how to take care of their own personal finances and investments.

In 2002 the BetterTrades brand was launched. Today the original education program has continued to grow in depth and scope. There are now classes for beginning, intermediate and advanced traders. Newcomers are introduced to the stock and options market through the First Step class, which they may re-take as many times as they like. After developing their skills, they advance to the Next Step class, which offers more advanced materials.

BetterTrades has also developed free and premium online classes, educational products and distance-learning DVD packages. The company hosts live on-location events around the United States. Each year BetterTrades hosts the Traders Super Summit, which brings each member of the staff together in one place for a fun, informative three-day event.

As BetterTrades flourished, more coaches were needed to teach the growing student base. Currently, BetterTrades today has a full staff of coaches who crisscross the country, introducing students to the financial markets in a clear and non-intimidating manner. BetterTrades has offices in Las Vegas, Nevada; Atlanta, Georgia; and Davin, West Virginia.

Press and Media Information

BetterTrades to Host Success Symposium in Orlando

Stock market education leader BetterTrades is pleased to announce the Success Symposium, created to help students become well-rounded and effective students.

The Success Symposium will be May 19-21, 2016, in Orlando, Florida, at the Gaylord Palms Resort.

“We received dozens of great suggestions from our stock market students,” said BetterTrades CEO Bill Corcoran. “You provided some wonderful ideas and offered so many options for us to consider that we’ve determined to put them to good use.”

The newly restructured and revitalized event will include:

  • New speakers on stocks and stock options
  • New material on how to invest in stocks
  • New strategies on how to trade the stock market
  • A new feel for learning to invest

The Success Symposium will include sessions that teach options trading and learning how to invest in the stock market. But it will go beyond the average trading seminar and feature many additional interesting sessions.

The Success Symposium will include:

  • A wealth coach and psychologist: Hear from an individual whose life work is to help people learn ways to handle the wealth and prosperity that may come when you learn how to trade the market. Listen and learn ways to prepare your mind for success!
  • A motivational speaker: You’ll be spellbound by the story of this guest, who has learned to be a champion marksman – even though he has no hands.
  • An active trader with a small account: Meet a student who has found success in trading stock options with a limited trading account.
  • A trading competition: Match your skills against those of your friends to see who can produce the biggest gains in this exciting paper-trading challenge. Are you really as good as you think? You’ll get a real idea after participating in this contest.
  • A special networking session on Friday night: This will enable you to meet other like-minded traders and rub elbows with the BetterTrades staff members.

Of course, the entire BetterTrades will still be on hand and be a prominent part of the Success Symposium. You’ll be able to enjoy presentations from Markay Latimer, Bill Corcoran, Rob Roy, John White and Tony Benson. Each is working on brand new presentations just for this week. Plus, some of the instructors have brand new DVDs that will be available at this meeting for the first time.

“As you can see, our main focus will be on help students learn ways to be a more productive and successful trader in the stock market,” Corcoran said. “We’ve created this program – based on your suggestions and ideas – into what will no doubt be the event of the year.”

Since 1988, BetterTrades has been brining Wall Street Main Street and has taught thousands of self-directed investors how to trade in the stock and options market. BetterTrades offers and integrated approach that provides students with the knowledge, tools and techniques needed to make better trading decisions and give them potential to achieve their personal financial goals. BetterTrades offers online and live courses, as well as distance-learning material, that allow students to progress at a pace that is comfortable and compatible with their personal goals and trading strategies.

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BetterTrades Announces New YouTube Channel

BetterTrades, the No. 1 stock market education company in the country, has taken steps to increase the flow of information it releases on the BetterTrades YouTube channel.

BetterTrades will release three to five new videos each week as part of its ongoing effort to teach students a variety of methods to increase their learning potential. The videos are free and are produced by the company’s experienced stock market coaches.

Bill Corcoran, CEO of BetterTrades, said, “The information that our company teaches is capable of helping people of all skill level, whether you’ve been trading the market from years or whether you’re just getting started.”

The videos will feature instructors like:

  • Bill Corcoran, creator of “The Ultimate Options Trader” DVD series and host of the Morning Lab training class
  • Markay Latimer, creator of numerous DVD series, including “Trend Trading My Way,” and the host of the popular Trader Talk Live class
  • Robert Roy, creator of the “E-Mini Success Factor” DVDs and an authority in the area of teaching Fibonacci analysis
  • John White, creator of the “Spreading Out” DVDs and one of the top instructors in non-directional trading
  • Tony Benson, creator of the popular “Patterns in a Flash” charting educational product

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BetterTrades To Celebrate First Anniversary of BetterTrades Blog

ATLANTA – BetterTrades will celebrate the one-year anniversary of its popular blog on Feb. 1.

The informational and entertaining blog, which can be found at, has posted hundreds of articles since making its debut in 2015.

“Students make it a point to read our blog every day,” said BetterTrades CEO Bill Corcoran. “They’re never disappointed by the information that’s posted there. It’s all part of our mission to present students with the most accurate and most compelling material that’s available.”

The blog posts include motivational quotes of inspirational figures, past and present, and stock market-driven articles from the BetterTrades coaching staff: Bill Corcoran, Markay Latimer, Robert Roy, John White and Tony Benson.

The coaches write about the subjects they often teach in classes and once each week answer a question from one of the students. Bill Corcoran may write about short-term trading opportunities. Markay Latimer has written about Bollinger bands and trend trading. Robert Roy could write an article about Fibonacci analysis or trading mini-futures. John White may write about non-directional trades, such as iron condors. Tony Benson often writes about pattern identification and trading with a small account.

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2014 Trader Super Summit promises new events, classes

 BetterTrades has added new events guaranteed to bring a new level of excitement to the 2014 Traders Super Summit, which will be Oct. 2-4 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

 “We’ve talked to a lot of our students and listened to a lot of their suggestions,” said BetterTrades CEO Bill Corcoran. “We’ve taken their suggestions to heart and have gone to great lengths to make this the greatest Traders Super Summit ever.”

BetterTrades announces new market alert products

 BetterTrades, a national stock market education company based in Atlanta, Georgia, has announced the development and release of three new market alert products: Options Scout, Chart Watch and Fibonacci Finder.

 The three products, developed by BetterTrades trading education coaches Bill Corcoran, Markay Latimer and Robert Roy, are designed to notify students when a trading opportunity may present itself. The student may then analyze the opportunity, see if it meets their personal risk profile and perhaps use it to enter a non-funded practice trade.

BetterTrades names eSignal as official data provider

 BetterTrades, the nation’s leading equities, options, forex and futures education company , has entered into a relationship with eSignal, the nation’s leading trading platform provider for traders.

BetterTrades will use the eSignal platform for all of its live and online instructional classes. The eSignal platform will be universally adopted by the BetterTrades coaching staff and offered to the students who participate in the company’s educational programs.



Media Contacts

For accredited media only: If you need assistance with a news story or interview request regarding BetterTrades, send an email to

Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

How do I register for a BetterTrades account?

To become a registered user simply go to and set up a free account. It's a simple procedure and takes just a few minutes to complete.

What are the benefits of registering with BetterTrades?

Users who register with BetterTrades have instant availability to free newsletters and free classes taught by our trading education coaches. Additionally, you can register for other educational material designed to improve your trading success. DVDs, premium online and on-location classes are available as well.

First Step Workshop

What is the First Step Workshop?

The First Step Workshop is an intensive two-day class designed to provide a student with the strategies and knowledge necessary to buy and sell stocks and stock options. You can learn more about the First Step Workshop by calling Customer Service at 1-800-676-4410.

I’d like to retake a First Step Workshop. How do I locate one in my area?

The First Step Workshop is taught in many major cities across the country on a semi-regular basis. If you’ve previously attended a First Step Workshop, you are eligible for tuition-free re-attendance. (A $99 administration fee applies. This price is available ONLINE ONLY up to 7 days before the First Step Workshop. After that, you must register by phone and the fee is $149.95.) You can find the location of a First Step Workshop by looking on the BetterTrades home page under "Classes." You can also call Customer Service at 1-800-676-4410.

Who will be my First Step instructor?

BetterTrades is proud of its roster of First Step coaches. Each one has experience teaching others how to trade the stock market and is highly proficient when it comes to explaining the company's strategies and techniques.

How long does the First Step event last?

Plan to spend no less than eight hours each day at the First Step Workshop. A continental breakfast is served each morning, so plan to arrive 20-30 minutes early. There are ample breaks on the schedule, including roughly an hour for lunch.

What will I learn?

* How it’s possible to make money in any market - whether it’s going up, down or sideways.

* Specific trading strategies that have the potential to help maximize profit and manage risk.

* How to improve your trading skills with tools, classes, and products all designed to help you potentially achieve your financial goals.

* Additional benefits from a reliable, knowledgeable support team ready to answer all of your trading strategy questions.

Do I need to know how to trade already?

No trading knowledge is necessary. In fact, most of the BetterTrades success stories are from people who started with our program, knowing very little about the stock market.

What do I need to bring?

A pen and calculator are suggested. You'll definitely want to take a lot of notes. A First Step workbook with room for notes is provided. A jacket or sweater is also suggested, since the room will be kept cool. You can also bring along any snacks you would like to nibble on during the day. While both days will be packed with activities, you will have ample breaks and time for lunch.

Do I need to have a brokerage account?

You will not need a brokerage account to attend the First Step Workshop. But if you’re still interested in opening a brokerage account and you aren't sure which online brokerage firm will be best for you, BetterTrades can help guide you by offering a compiled list of questions to ask as you interview your broker.

Are there any additional products I am required to purchase?

No. You are not required to purchase anything else. During class time, our instructors will demonstrate and offer three tools for sale: Extreme Charts, which is a charting service; eSignal, which is a trading platform that includes real time streaming quotes and price alerts; and The Dedicated Trader, which provides students with daily information on the state of the market and also highlights potential trading opportunities. Although none of these additional tools are required, they are offered as a way to accelerate your trading skills.


How do I navigate through the different classes offered at BetterTrades?

The classes section is divided into several sub-sections corresponding to the different types of classes offered at BetterTrades. You can select the type of class you are interested in attending and the options will appear. .. Graduates of our First Step and Next Step workshops also have the ability to register for retakes from this page.

What are the different types of classes?

The classes menu is divided into categories for your ease and benefit. They are:

* Free Online: These are FREE live promotional classes.

* Free On Demand: These are FREE recorded informational classes.

* Premium Online: These are paid online classes that range between two-hours and four-hours in length and are taught by one of the BetterTrades coaches.

* Premium On Demand: These are recorded versions of the paid online classes.

* Premium On-Location: These are premium paid one-day and two-day classes taught by BetterTrades coaches at announced locations around the country.

How can I see the schedule of upcoming online and on-location classes?

All scheduled classes may be viewed from the “Classes” tab on the home page.

Online Classes

What can I watch online?

* Free Live Classes: You can register for a free upcoming class taught live by one of the BetterTrades coaches.

* Free On Demand Classes: If you miss a free class or want to see it again, you can view it on demand.

* Premium Online Classes: After attending a premium online class, the recording will be available in your "My Account" page for the next 30 days. It can be watched as often as you'd like during that time.

* Premium On Demand Classes: If you miss a premium online class, you can purchas it on demand.

Do I need an account to watch FREE classes?

Yes, you must be a registered BetterTrades user to watch the free classes. Go to and register now. It’s free and it only takes a few minutes. Once registered, you'll be able to watch the free classes and take advantage of other benefits of being a registered member of

How can I see the schedule of upcoming premium online classes?

All scheduled classes may be viewed from the “Classes” tab on the home page.

Can I ask the coach questions?

During a premium online class you may submit a question to a coach through the "text chat" box. The option becomes available after you have registered for the class and are in attendance.

How long are these classes?

Most premium online classes are two hours in length with several running as many as four hours. Most free online classes last an hour or lewss.

Is the class recorded so that I can watch it again?

After you attend a premium online class, the recording is archived in your My Accounts section of the website for a period of 30 days. Under the navigator bar on the left, click Ongoing Education. You will find recordings of your premium online classes under Premium Class History. The recordings for your Trader Talks are accessible by clicking Subscriptions and going to the Trader Talk Live button. The View Trader Talk Archives button is at the top of the page.

On-Location Classes

Where do I register?

To register for a one-day, two-day or five-day on-location class, go to the Store tab on or call Customer Service at 1-800-676-4410.

How can I see the schedule of upcoming on-location classes?

Go to the "Classes" section of Click On Location and you will see details for the scheduled premium on-location classes.

Can I register the day of the class?

Yes, you can, but we highly recommend registering for these events 7 days in advance. Understand that if you do wait and register on the actual day of the event, you will have to pay by credit card and there may not be a manual for you due to the late registration.

What if I have to cancel?

If you have to cancel an on-location workshop, we will be happy to reschedule you for the next available event. Please note that these are non-refundable events.

Do I need to bring a laptop in the class?

Yes, you may bring your laptop to an on-location class. However, please remember that you are there to learn the new educational materials. Laptops can be a distraction.

My Account

How can I login to my account?

When you go to, you will be asked to sign in. Simply enter your email address or username and password. You will then be taken to the "My Account" page, where you have access to all your products and services.

Where can I see the list of my schedule (online, premium online and on-location) classes?

Go to the "My Account" page and look at the menu on the left side of the page. Under the Ongoing Education button, you’ll be able to see a list of classes for which you've registered.

Can I access to The Dedicated Trader from the "My Account" section?

Go to the “My Account” page and look at the menu on the left side of the page. Under the Subscription button, you will be able to access The Dedicated Trader.

How can I update my personal information?

When you sign into your BetterTrades account, your name will appear in the top right corner. Click there and you will find the “Edit Profile” option. You will be able to change your password and enter other important information there.

Where can I find the subscription time left on my products?

Go to the “My Account” page and look at the menu on the left side of the page. Under the Subscription button you’ll be able to view your subscriptions and learn when they expire.

How can I call in for help with the technician?

You can send your questions to or call Customer Service at 1-800-676-4410. Our Technical Support team can be reached by email at, or you may call into them by dialing 800-676-4410, Extension 2.


How can I register for a coach's FREE online class?

Click on the "Classes" section from top navigation on the site. Classes defaults to a listing of upcoming free online classes. Find the class you want and register to attend a LIVE free scheduled class.

How can I register for a coach's premium online class?

Go to the "Classes" section on the site. Click on the "Premium Online" link to see a list of upcoming premium classes. You can register online after you find the class you want to attend.

How can I register for a coach's on-location class?

Go the "Classes" section on the site and click on "Premium On-Location" and you will find a list of upcoming on-location classes. You can register online or by calling 1-800-676-4410.

How can I purchase a coach's DVD set?

All products are available at the BetterTrades store, which is accessible from the navigational bar at the top of You may also order DVDs by calling Customer Service at 1-800-676-4410.

How can I register for a Trader Talk subscription?

There is no better way to maintain weekly contact with your favorite BetterTrades coach than by subscribing to their Trader Talk Live sessions The quarterly subscriptions may be purchased at the BetterTrades store, which is accessible from the navigational bar at the top of You may also purchase a subscription by calling Customer Service at 1-800-676-4410.

BetterTrades Feedback

We love receiving feedback at BetterTrades – complaints, praises, whatever. When you tell us what you like or what’s bugging you, we can address the issue and get it solved. At BetterTrades, complaints, whether it is regarding the material covered or the customer service you receive, are taken seriously. Our standards are high and we want to make sure you are satisfied.

Remember, at BetterTrades our focus is on supplying our students with the highest level of satisfaction when it comes to education. We’re not trying to trick you or scam you; learning to trade isn’t something that you can master overnight. It takes take and it takes effort on your part. There are unscrupulous people and con artists that will try to tell the unsuspecting student that riches will flow by following their system. But this is just not true.

Learning how to trade the stock market is not a get-rich-quick scheme. Learning to trade the market is something that takes time. It is a process that is best served by going slow and gaining the education that will allow you to make smarter decisions.

If you have complaints, let BetterTrades know them by calling our customer support team at 1-800-676-4410.